What is a Transparent Man?

This website serves a group of Godly men who come from all over Northern Ohio to fellowship over a simple breakfast served on the first Saturday of every month.

We are white, black, rich, poor, fathers, sons, clergy, laymen…with diverse backgrounds, interests and needs.

But when we come together we become ONE in the name of God.  Together we talk, worship, praise, study and learn what the Father has in store for us.

And in the process, we become TRANSPARENT.

Our group is all about developing Godly men who share in what life has dealt us.  To take in and relish what Jesus offers.  To cast off those thoughts, actions, issues and challenges that prohibit people from seeing God through us.

Our group is open to any man who desires a Godly life.  Any man who wants to enjoy a life that offers up all cares, troubles, worries and stress to the Father.  Any man who seeks 24/7 guidance in the Word.

Come join us…and become transparent.

2 Responses to What is a Transparent Man?

  1. James E. Haynes says:

    Our meeting held this morning at True Vine Baptist Church, was outstanding in my opinion, as per usual. I pray that God continues to bless those of you in the leadership of this very fine organization.

    James E. Haynes
    Emmanuel Baptist Church

  2. Jim says:

    I like the new & improved website. It has more information and, with the simpler address, it is easier to encourage others to view the site. Thanks to all of you who put your heart and soul into blessing others.
    And yes, I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Haynes comments. God Bless!